About Us
In 1991, I took my first job as a repossessor. By 1993, Toni & I opened Faith Financial Group and incorporated in 1996. It was a huge gamble, as we were not born into this industry. We put everything we owned into buying our first truck; we had no safety net. We began working note lots from our home and we had a ragtag storage lot. Everyone was a skip and it was hard business. Soon, we landed our first big client and continued pouring everything into our new business: adding more insurance, a bigger storage lot with an office and our first agent. Robbie is still with us today and heads our company's post repossession department. While checking an address, I located an abandoned warehouse; we moved and were able to offer the only indoor storage in North Texas. Within months, we obtained a contract with Ford Motor Credit and Toni & I were invited to the Ford Service Center to give a presentation on repossession. What a success that was! We are continually asked to present to our industry today.

Since my first repossession, I have been obsessed with perfection; it has been, and is still unacceptable to make mistakes given the nature of our business. Because of the passion we have, it is our position to upgrade our services and educate ourselves in order to offer a service that is second to none.

Early in 2005, we bought a 6-acre parcel of bare land and by the end of the year, Faith Financial Group had a new, state-of-the-art facility. The new complex houses a 4,800 square foot building and 2 acres of secure concrete for storage. It is conveniently located 6 miles from DFW Auto Auction on the east side of Fort WorthÕs Loop 820 and is completely secure with an 8-foot metal fence and cameras. It also houses a conference room for client relations meetings. During the building of the new complex, our company size almost doubled with the addition of two new rollbacks and four new trucks, which are all company owned and camera equipped. Everyone on the Faith Financial team is C.A.R.S. certified and spent months in training; we do not accept the status quo. Turnover is virtually non-existent in our company; it is the strongest team in North Texas and has a verifiable success rate.

My mentor once told me, "If you're good, you can't stay small." The Faith Financial Team is not just good; we are hands down the absolute BEST in our market. WE CARE, and that makes all the difference. It is what we strive to do on a daily basis. You are invited to visit us anytime to see how a professional recovery company handles your accounts. Visit with our team and come away with a new understanding of business done right. Faith Financial Group has earned its place in this industry. Please let us help you solve your collateral recovery needs.

Bryan McCollister