What Sets Us Apart
  • Company owned damage free tow units with cameras
  • Professionally trained adjusters
  • Fully staffed office
  • Secured storage facilities with cameras
  • Financially secure (fees fronted for bailouts)
  • Family owned and operated
  • Locksmith on staff
  • State of the art computer systems
Recovery Agents
Our agents undergo 6-months of in-field training with a seasoned agent. They all are C.A.R.S. certified, have families and reside in their dedicated territories. Turnover is non-existent at Faith Financial. We add new agents as our business grows and we have had agents in training for years. It has been our pleasure to mentor and mold them into the finest agents in the nation.

Post Repossession Department
As agents have moved past their prime, it has been our privilege to retain these valuable men and the wealth of knowledge their years of experience have produced. Three men, two of which helped build the company, are in charge of every step after recovery and to delivery, including condition reports, storage, inventory, and return of personal property, safe transport and delivery to auction. Insurance and Bonding Faith Financial is covered by a $3-million liability policy, which is one of the most comprehensive policies offered in our industry. We also provide our staff with both a WorkmanÕs Compensation policy and an Accident & Death policy. In addition, we carry a comprehensive Dishonesty Bond.

Continuing Education
Each month our agents and staff meet to discuss new equipment and methods, which enable us to retain the sharp edge needed in todayÕs business environment. As a REACT member, we continually seek out our weaknesses and hone our skills.

Association Membership
Bryan McCollister is the Region 4 Director for REACT, an organization that is committed to excellence in our industry and is passionate about professionalism and education. Toni and Bryan McCollister have been contributing members of Recovery Solutions Agency Board since 2004. Association at this national level ensures our dedication to your success.

A Certified REACT Partner